Wedding Party

Jennifer Kraber — Maid of HonorJen

I am so happy and proud to call Melissa my sister. Growing up together was like having a built in best friend, we could love as hard as we could fight!

I’m mom to Finn and wife to Tom. During the week I can be found in the dental office working as a hygienist as well as out and about spending time with Finn. We enjoy many weekends away at the river playing in the water and sun. Can’t wait to celebrate such a lovely couple!

Kailyn Anderson — BridesmaidKailyn

Melissa and I met and quickly became besties during our freshman year at Grossmont High School. A few years later, we met Anna and M.A.K. was formed. We’ve since added to our mnemonic when Anna married Mark and now Melissa marrying Dennis, morphing us into D’MMAK! I was afraid this drastically limited my prospects to just a few letters of the alphabet until Anna decided we’d just have to give my future beau a nickname… Problem solved!

I recently received my bachelor’s degree in nursing and have been diligently cramming for my state boards. While studying, I’ve been working part-time as an in-home caregiver for the elderly. Somehow I still manage to find time for two of my favorite pastimes, wine and workouts! And no, I don’t usually combine the two!

Over the last 24 years, I’ve grown to love Melissa like a sister. I couldn’t be more excited for her and Dennis and I can’t wait for the festivities to begin!

Anna Lipshaw — BridesmaidAnna

Anna and Melissa have been friends since their junior year in high school. They bonded over their distaste of physical activity also known as PE. When their band MelAnna was not signed, she eloped instead. Anna is now a mom of 3, wife of 14 years & media sales maven at Cool Mom Picks. She no longer hates physical activity and has completed over 10 endurance events including several half marathons and the San Diego Rock n Roll Marathon. When she’s not pretending to be an Uber driver, you can find her at the gym pumping weights hoping to be able to beat her husband at arm wrestling one day.

Felix Tinkov — Best ManFelix

Dennis and I met over twenty years ago while we fumbled through grad school. We became fast friends and neighbors (multiple times – the guy just follows me around, I guess). But who wouldn’t love a dude with a tattoo on his noggin?

Since then we have each changed our profession – one of us (Dennis), more than the other. And even though we don’t share the same hobbies, interests or world views (wait, what do we have in common anyway??) we still have a good time when we get together and can count on each other when the chips are down. Adding Melissa into the mix just means Dennis can pawn me off on her when he is over my incessant blathering. That’s love, right?

Scott Good — Groomsman94-10 Stu & Julie's Pinning

First off, Dennis, stoked for both you and Melissa. It was evident that Labor Day weekend in PB when I went out with both of you and met Melissa for the first time – that it worked. Dennis and I were fraternity brothers at UCLA, and not to age us, 25 years back. I’ll save some of those stories for the moment, but one thing sticks, who he has grown into, which is fantastic.

Since we graduated undergrad, he drifted to SD for school; I stayed up in town and went to law school in LA and have been a practicing attorney up in LA. Still trying to surf, but seem like I am getting grey hairs more frequently than I am paddling out now-a-days. But Dennis and Melissa, I have just one simple request: after a summer of working out and dieting for that awesome tanning competition you were both part of on Labor Day [which was unreal by the way and you guys rocked], please understand any liquor tolerance you had has been reset to zero, and take your wedding photos before any shots!!!

Dan Redig — GroomsmanDan

Oddly enough I met Dennis on a dance floor, swing dancing to be specific. I was impressed by his unwavering desire to never, ever, miss a triple-step and I was happy to find a fellow whiskey aficionado. I’ve always appreciated Dennis’s thoughtful yet pragmatic and practical approach to absolutely everything.

If memory serves (it rarely does these days)… I met Melissa when she accompanied Dennis for a night of dancing at Henry’s. She was fun and had a good time dancing. She even came back from time-to-time! Since then I’ve had a great time hanging out with them who-knows-where, how late or what I was up to, heh. They have many grand adventures ahead, have a blast Dennis and Melissa!!

Jennifer Edwards — OfficiantFelix

I’ve gathered you all here today… (I think that’s what I’m supposed to say)

Dennis and I met while working at SeaWorld 12 years ago, he is like a brother to me and when Melissa came into the picture, I couldn’t be happier, and I’m so excited to be marrying two of my good friends! When I’m not officiating weddings, I’m attending concerts, dressing up as a super hero at work, throwing elaborate Game of Thrones parties or at the moment binge watching House of Cards. I’ve never met a beer I didn’t like, I also enjoy dinosaurs and my favorite color is also blue (Finn and I will get along just fine).

Can’t wait until October!

P.S. All I really want to say is MAWAGE! (insert Princess Bride priest here)

Finn Kraber — Ring BearerFinn

Finn met his favorite aunt on March 10, 2012. He is a big fan of the happy couple and loves uncle Dennis’ rubber Ducky collection as well as their cats who do not return his love. Finn’s favorite colors include blue and green, he loves batman, skulls and cross bones and space grizzlies. He spends his free time playing with trains, dinosaurs, and has recently discovered the joy of building Legos.