Staying at the Pearl

If you can see this page, that means you’ll be staying with us at the Pearl from Friday, September 30, through Monday, October 3. Glad you’ll be joining us!

We’re calling it a three-day pool party, but it’s going to be way more than just hanging out at the pool. Here’s the plan for the weekend:

  • Friday night: Rehearsal dinner at Old Venice restaurant in Point Loma.
  • Saturday day: Catered brunch, hang out by the pool.
  • Saturday night: Uhhh … you know what’s happening Saturday night, right?
  • Saturday late-night: Post-party at Harbor Town Pub.
  • Sunday day: Brunch at the Pearl, more hanging out by the pool.
  • Sunday night: Catered dinner by Paella Valenciana.

Here’s the group that will be staying at the Pearl for the weekend:

  • Melissa and Dennis (duh)
  • Meg and Ben Travis — Melissa’s parents
  • John and Elsa Hong – Dennis’s parents
  • Grandma Connie — Melissa’s grandmother
  • Jen, Tom, and Finn Kraber — Melissa’s sister (and maid-of-honor), brother-in-law, and nephew
  • Judith Hong and Aaron Groves — Dennis’s sister and brother-in-law
  • Kailyn Anderson — Melissa’s bridesmaid
  • Felix Tinkov — Dennis’s best man
  • Scott Good — Dennis’s groomsman
  • Dan Redig — Dennis’s groomsman
  • Jenn Edwards and Rhett Farra — Our officiant and her boyfriend
  • Deidra Tineo
  • Christy Green
  • Jen Reveles
  • Fritz and Jeannine Healey
  • Tsung & Lih Lee
  • Ming-Ta Lin and Li-Mei Liu
  • Matt and Christina Hennigan
  • Lynn McGrath and Brad Johnson
  • Jenny Ferrando
  • Rikki Marzan
  • Andrea Bishop
  • Susan and Dean Turney
  • Denise and Meg Brunswick

Looking forward to seeing all of you in September, if not sooner!

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